Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good and Bad

Some people think that I am a bad person, and for some of them I can see why they think that. However they are wrong. You see, I am only a little bad. The reason I am only a little bad is because I try to state the truth and say what everyone else is thinking but, don't have the nads to say. Because of that fact, some people think I am bad.
Let me tell you something: the world needs people like me. If there weren't me's in the world, the douche bags, bitches and tools would run free. I'm just the one that points out the role you put yourself in. What's so bad about that? So what if I also enjoy other people's misery? We all do whether we choose to admit it or not. Like when your ex ends up with someone who is so unfortunate looking that you hope they shower with the lights off so they don't have to see themselves naked? (Shout out to D.A.E and K.C.L! You know who you are!) Or when you are doing so well for yourself and you find out some selfish idiot's life has turned to shit? (K.K....or K.V. divorced yet?) Anyway we have all been there right? I think because I can admit this I am a good person mostly. So not just bad not just good but, good and bad.
I'm finding this blog very fun and entertaining. Maybe I'll write more soon!